2024 Milrock Junior Summer Series

The 2024 MilRock Junior Summer Series will begin this year on June 2nd and run through August 18th on all of the regular scheduled Badger Kart Club races held at Mill-Rite Raceway. Special events listed on the Badger Kart Club schedule will not be included as part of the MilRock Junior Summer Series. The MilRock Junior Summer Series is designed to give Badger's junior racers a chance at special prizes and recognition at the Badger Kart Club's annual year-end banquet. All entrants will receive a prize package. Class champions receive an extra prize along with the other prize package items. Photos of a past prize package are posted below.

Click here to download the Junior Summer Series Entry Form in PDF format

Click Here to download the Junior Summer Series Entry Form in Word Format

Paper entries can be dropped off at the registration building on race days. You can also mail entries to:

Badger Kart Club
PO Box 18
Dousman, WI 53018

MilRock Junior Summer Series entrants will run the regular Badger races at Mill-Rite Raceway with their respective classes, points will be awarded for finishes in the heat races and features. Should qualifying fall on any race dates points will be given as follows: Qualifying = Heat 1, Pre-final = Heat 2, Final = Feature. These are scored separately from regular BKC points. There are 8 race dates and all will be scored with the 6 lowest finishes (heat or features) dropped. The final total of points will be tallied after throw outs and will determine championship standings in each class. There are NO rain points or bye week points given. Kid Karts do not earn points, but Kid Kart drivers will receive the same prize package as other racers at the Badger Kart Club Banquet.

Other Junior Summer Series information:

  • The entry fee for the MilRock Junior Summer Series is $50.00 for each class.
  • All junior drivers are eligible.
  • Checks are to be made out to Badger Kart Club. Checks and cash are preferred to help us better track JSS registration. Thanks!
  • Race dates: June 2nd, 15 & 16th; July 14th, 27th & 28th; and August 4th and 18th.
  • Scoring begins June 4th. Entries received after June 4th will be scored from the date entry is received. No entries will be accepted after July 16th. Points will not be scored retroactively.
  • Entries can be dropped off at the registration building on race days or mailed to the address above.

If you have any questions or would like to become a MilRock Junior Summer Series sponsor please contact Joe Palmisano at 414-852-5500 or by e-mail at jpalmy@icloud.com.

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