Badger Kart Club Howard Memorial Scholarship

Badger Kart Club has been in existence since 1960. Four men were very instrumental in forming what is now known as Badger Kart Club, namely Les Van Lannen, Tom Marchese, Lee Hart, and Bob Howard. For a period of time, races were run at many different tracks around the state. In 1965, the Utica Raceway became Badger Raceway, now Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park, and the Badger Kart Club membership has grown over the years from 28 to its present 300 members.

From the club's beginning until his death in 1984, Bob Howard was a driving force in making the facility what it is today, improving the facility, increasing membership, and promoting racing as a family sport. He stressed respect, friendship, and good sportsmanship. Being a family man first, his family learned first hand to value these qualities. Wherever Bob was, so was his family. They became an active team in the promotion and operation of the club. His wife Shirley is still active in preserving and maintaining these goals.

In recent years, many past members have come back to Badger Kart Club and the sport, not necessarily to race themselves but to introduce their sons and daughters to the values and ideas that the club promotes, mainly family, good sportsmanship, pride in a job well done, and friendship. With this in mind, Badger Kart Club and the Howard family have instituted the Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Each year a $1,000 scholarship for continuing education is awarded to a member at the Badger Kart Club annual banquet. Depending on the number of applicants and funds available, we have on occasion awarded two or more scholarships.

The criteria for being a Howard Memorial Scholarship recipient are:

  • Must have been an active member and/or participant for three (3) years or more
  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • Must submit a 500-word essay on how karting has benefited you in developing as a person, setting goals, etc.
  • Must state specifically how the scholarship will be used
  • Documentation of the use of the funds is required
  • All completed applications must be submitted to a Badger Kart Club officer or board member, or mailed to:
    Shirley Howard
    1661 Rivers Bend #104
    Wauwatosa, WI 53226
  • Applications may be downloaded here in PDF format or here in MS Word format.

The past awarded scholarship recipients have entered the fields of engineering, teaching, and nursing. It is our hope to continue to help our young and upcoming members to pursue their goals. For more information, please call Shirley Howard at (414) 328-8903.

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