Club Meeting Information

General Membership meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every other month. This is a good place and time to discuss concerns or ideas that you have about Badger Kart Club and Mill-Rite Raceway. 

Time: 7PM Board of Directors. General Membership TBD

Meeting Schedule:

  • May 3rd  Board of Directors (BOD) - at the track
  • May 14th General Membership (GM) - at the track during PR #3
  • June 7th BOD - at the track
  • July 12th BOD - at the track
  • July 29th GM - at the track during PR #8 - Rules discussions start
  • August 2nd - Rukes Committee Meeting - Time and Location TBD
  • August 9th BOD - at the track
  • September 6th BOD - at the track
  • September 17th GM - at the track during PR #12 - BOD Nomination Sunday
  • October 4th BOD - at the track
  • November 1st BOD - Location TBD
  • November 11th GM -  at the Banquet

The Board of Directors meetings is held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. The Board Meetings are open to all BKC members, but it is not an open floor type meeting like the General membership meeting. To be put on the Board meeting agenda for topic of discussion or points of interest you would like to discuss, call Chris Burke (BKC President) at (847) 613-9775 with your request. You can also e-mail

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