A Lap at Wolf Paving Raceway

Track line map provided by Kevin Willmorth 
A Lap at Wolf Paving Raceway - Dousman Wisconsin
6/10ths of a Mile and Grass Infields
Track runs counter clockwise..

This track is well designed and exceptionally well maintained.  The club mandates the use of YDS tires for most classes, so traction can be somewhat poor from lack of rubber.  Overall, the track is technically challenging.

The bold numbers are the corner numbers, while the (#) indicates gears for the shifter kart.

Turn One takes patience, it looks tighter than it is.  Trail braking will get the kart to the apex, then it's hard on the throttle to track out. 

Turn Two is taken wide open, and has a lot of grip.  A solid line is required to enter three properly, which is harder than it appears.  It's too easy to coast through two, rather than stay on the gas.

Turn Three is one of the most difficult to get right, and is imperative to entering four properly.  The speed out of two means three comes up quickly.  A slightly wide line sets up turn four, but can leave an opening for others to pass.

Turn Four is really difficult in a shifter.  Under hard braking, three downshifts are required.  Trying to stay in the seat, shift, and rotate into the corner makes this a very busy few tenth of a second!

Turn Five requires patience.  A late apex is required.  Stay to the outside of the entry on the gas, brake and turn in. 

Turn Six is easy enough, but requires concentration to keep from binding the kart up.

Turn Seven thru Turn Nine is called the Boot.  Seven is taken aimed at the center apex of turn eight, which means running over the turn seven apex curb.  To get through nine properly requires arching the kart between eight and nine, and letting the kart run free to the turn nine track out curb.  Get it right and the shoot to turn ten is fast.  Blow it, and get passed on the inside.

Turn Ten is called No-Man's Land.  Another late apex corner, requires driving to the outside of the entry, looking for the apex, then  rotating the kart.

Turn Eleven is fast, under acceleration through Turn Twelve, and drifting to the outside of the front stretch, which is 500 feet long.

The best passing zones seem to be the entry to One, inside through Two, inside at the entry to Five, inside of Six, Taking the inside line going into Ten, and driving inside of Eleven or Twelve.

In a shifter, twenty seven shifts are required each lap.  Combined with the multiple braking zones, this makes driving a quick lap on this track a busy half-minute.

Clutch Karts (100cc) run this track in the low 40-second range.  Shifters are driving this track in the mid thirty-second range.