Non-Points race 2 April 25th 2021

April 23, 2021

BKC NON-POINTS 2: Official Race Order Qualify Sunday April 25th

-Kid Kart Sponsored by: Will Power Kart

- Briggs 206 Cadet / Yamaha Cadet Sponsored by: Advance Design

-Briggs 206 Senior Medium Sponsored by: Pinkalla Auto Solutions

-Briggs 206 Sportsman Sponsored by: Millrite

-Yamaha Supercan / Yamaha Junior Sponsored by: Team Swiss

- Animal Junior / Animal Senior Sponsored by: Winter Services

-Micro Swift / Mini Swift Sponsored by: Perkins All-Stars / Julien Shade Shop

-Briggs 206 Senior Heavy Sponsored by: Andrea Crivello, The Racing Agent

- TaG 100 Sponsored by: Highly Tuned Motorsports

-Briggs 206 Junior Sponsored by: Northern Air

- IAME 100 Junior / Expert Sponsored by: World Karting Supply

Bye Week: Volunteer Week

Mandatory Driver’s meeting: 9:15 am

Engine start: 9:30 am

Kid Karts on track: 945 am, Rest of Order: 10:00 am

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